Monday, November 23, 2009

GSN: I’ve Got A Secret Airings

When I heard that I’ve Got A Secret would be airing, I was a little skeptical as to which version would be airing and didn‘t want to get my hopes up about classic episodes airing. Nice to see that what will be seen is the original version of the show. This show will air at 3:30 am in place of Password, but Password returns right after.

Here’s some info on the episodes and the dates they’ll be shown:
12/07: 7/17/1952 - guest is Buster Keaton
12/08: 11/4/1963 - guest is Durwood Kirby
12/09: 5/18/1964 - Armed Forces Salute
12/10: 3/30/1964 - guest is Bette Davis
12/11: 11/11/1963 - guest is Jack E. Leonard
12/14: 2/15/1961 - guest is Lucille Ball (episode is guest-hosted by Johnny Carson)
12/15: 4/6/1964 - guest is Wally Cox (episode also features Colonel Sanders)
12/16: 5/11/1964 - guest is Durwood Kirby (Woody Allen fills in for Bill Cullen)
12/17: 11/16/1964 - guests are Robert Goulet and the Shangri-Las
12/18: 11/6/1961 - guest is Vivian Vance

It seems odd that they would do this randomly within the Password rotation, but this is one good thing that’s come from GSN within the past several months. If they can negotiate to get this show back on the air, even if it’s only temporary; it gives me a little hope that we could at least see some episodes of What’s My Line? again or some episodes of a show like Card Sharks during the day.

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