Saturday, November 21, 2009

ATWT: Poor, Poor Noah

Thursday, November 19th:

This was another good episode. Mostly in part by the acting, but the dialogue was great too. No matter how much Noah lashes out at Luke, it’s easily seen how much he still loves him. This is obviously a whole new world for this character. He’s never had to depend on anyone to get him through college or in other ways to start his life as an adult. In a way, it’s a little like when Luke was paralyzed, when he couldn’t walk and took his anger out on Noah.

Jake Silbermann really shined today, and so did Van. It’s just another instance out of so many that prove how well they work together. Due to Jake's great acting seen today, you could really tell how much pain Noah was in and how much he was hurting. Van showed how well Luke was hurting to see his boyfriend in such a sad state.

I admit I had serious reservations when I heard David Kreizman was coming over to this show after Guiding Light was left in such a horrid mess under his sole reign, but if we keep getting good storylines like this one, as well as if the rest of the show continues to improve, then I’ll be able to feel better about this show’s future.

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