Saturday, November 21, 2009

Online Pick of the Week (11/20): Remote Control

The pick this week is not only for the show itself, MTV's Remote Control, but also a remembrance post of sorts to the show’s host, Ken Ober, who passed away this week at the age of 52.

Here’s my take on it: Ken was a really fun host. Good with the contestants and the audience. I never saw him on Make Me Laugh, Smush, or Perfect Match, but after seeing him here I’d bet he was great on those shows as well. The questions are a lot of fun. This show also has the greatest way ever to eliminate a losing contestant. There are the little things to love too. I love the pictures of the game show hosts on the wall behind the host podium. I also love how the show’s judge wore a judge’s get-up.

I had never seen the show before until the two episodes MTV and MTV2 showed the other night. All I know now is that I’ve become a fan of the show and I’d really love to see a DVD release or something if neither MTV or VH-1 Classic does not want to air the show on a regular basis. It also makes me wish I was old enough to appreciate the older years of MTV.

Remote Control, my online pick of the week honoring Ken Ober.

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