Saturday, November 14, 2009

ATWT: You’re Fired, Creepy Professor

Thursday, November 12th:

I’m not really a violent person, but I couldn’t help but enjoy the scene where Luke grabbed Mason in a fit of anger. The “I should have ripped your stupid scarf” line was pure classic. I see Luke’s frustration in this. Mason is Noah’s professor, and behavior like that is never appropriate. And in spite of that, it would be one thing if Mason was just harmlessly flirting and nothing more. But Mason has said on more than one occasion that when filming is done, he’s doing to be doing the best he can to get into Noah’s pants. It wasn’t about doubting Noah. And also Noah doesn’t see or hear the comments made about him that are said to Luke, so to him it just looks like Luke is overreacting.

Friday, November 13th:

I was so glad to see Mason fired. It was also nice seeing a bit more of the conversation with Noah and the Dean. Mason has no one else to blame for his career going down the toilet except himself. If he valued it so much, he’d have kept his hands and lips off of one of his students. I was really glad though that they at least made up and said their “I love you’s” before it really got ugly.

Great acting by Van and Jake. This looks to be a really good storyline at this point and from the looks of things, we should be seeing more meaty and emotional material in the near future!

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