Monday, August 24, 2009

WWTBAM Primetime Finale: "You Just Lost A Lot of Money"

Um, well... wow.

Well, it actually happened. Someone actually lost the million dollar question, and also $475,000. It’s actually pretty interesting from my side, because all last week I was wondering if this would ever happen here. I’ve read that it’s happened in other countries, especially in Japan, but I always wondered if someone would ever take such a blind risk here in America. With the question, I was constantly going back and forth between A and C. But I always say with this show, if you don’t have any positive idea on what the answer is and there’s no shot at real help… yeah, time to say goodbye. I would have taken my $500,000 and gotten my tail the hell out of there. Sure, he had a lifeline left, but Ask The Audience is really designed for pop culture-type questions, and for many of the ones early on in the game like with the one featuring Betty White and The Proposal; not really for big stumpers like LBJ and his favorite beverages.

I’ve also thought about being a contestant on this show, and as much as I want a million dollar winner, there is no way I would be so daring with the top question. There is just no way. Especially in this economy. I have always disagreed with the “I came with nothing, I’ll leave with nothing” philosophy in game show land. Well, he didn’t leave with nothing, but a similar type of thinking and risk taking was evidently going through his head. Talk about depressing. When I heard there was a "million dollar moment" coming, I was really hoping that said moment would involve confetti. As depressing as it was, he did display his cocky side. I thought even more so than John Carpenter. But, hey, at least John knew what he was doing when he answered the million dollar question.

Meredith saved the night though. It made perfect sense to go out with this particular celebrity guest, and who’d have guessed they’d switch things up?

Definitely one of the most memorable game show finales I’ve seen, that’s for sure.

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