Saturday, August 15, 2009

ATWT: A REAL Friday Cliffhanger

Monday, August 10th:

Lily, who the hell are you trying to kid? You know you liked that kiss from Damian. Not that I necessarily want a Lily/Damian hookup, but she is doing a horrible job at convincing herself there is no spark there period. And I really can’t blame Faith for her reaction… and also, Lily, it never even occurred to you that Faith probably saw you two kissing before? Please get a clue. Seeing Luke and Faith talking, albeit short, makes me wish that there could be a few more scenes with the two of them. Both he and Noah are great with Luke’s sisters, especially Faith.

Friday, August 14th:

In seeing today’s show it’s obvious why everyone is so tired of the “presumed dead” storylines (I‘ll bet money Holden will eventually be found alive). They happen way too often, especially on this show, and with this particular character, even! Okay, well Holden’s not like Paul, who practically laughs at the face of death year after year these days, but this isn’t the first time that Holden’s presumed to be dearly departed. But it’s the acting and good daily dialogue (great job, Leslie Nipkov) that made yesterday work so well. It’s not too often that this show leaves someone teary eyed these days. And the actors really did their job today. All of them. You have no idea now much I just wanted to give Luke a big bear hug and tell him everything will be okay. I was a bit ticked that Noah was not at all notified, but judging from the previews for next week that seems to be taken care of. All in all, I am really not liking the idea of Noah being on the side so much lately.

Now as tired as the actual storyline concept may be, if we have more storylines on As The World Turns based on some sort of realism like this one, as well as the one involving Bob Hughes (which I am actually really enjoying as well so far), then we can easily get out of this ratings hole that we’re in regarding this show. Proper speed and balance in the storytelling helps too. Not only was this a good cliffhanger show, but a really good way to end a week.

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