Saturday, August 22, 2009

GSN: More Schedule Changes

Effective August 24th:

1:00 PM Match Game ‘77 (replaces $100,000 Pyramid, 1985-88 SYN)
1:30 PM Family Feud (ABC 1976-85, replaces Match Game ‘77)
2:00 PM $100,000 Pyramid (1985-88 SYN; replaces Family Feud, 1976-85 ABC)
2:30 PM Chain Reaction (GSN 2006, replaces Password Plus, 1979-82 NBC)
4:00 PM Family Feud (Karn era, replaces Pyramid, 2002-04 SYN)
5:00 PM Deal or No Deal (NBC, replaces GSN Chain Reaction and Karn Feud)
8:30 PM Family Feud (O’Hurley era, replaces Meredith’s Millionaire)
9:00 PM Lingo (replaces Family Feud, O’Hurley era)
10:00 PM Catch 21 (replaces The Newlywed Game, GSN 2009-Present)
10:30 PM The Newlywed Game (replaces Catch 21)

I really don’t see any good in this particular schedule change at all. For one thing, I don’t like that Password Plus is leaving weekdays, and the fact that it’s known to get good ratings for them makes it worse; that could have at least been put back in the morning. And to replace it with their version of Chain Reaction? Blah. They couldn’t at least dig out and dust off the Cullen version? I also don’t like that we’re losing one airing of Meredith’s Millionaire. And more nighttime Deal or No Deal? This show will be on three times daily now on GSN alone. I am so not looking forward to this. Deal already airs twice daily in most markets in syndication and it is still shown on CNBC. Overexposure much? I’m not sad about Donny’s Pyramid leaving though. Whether or not anyone thinks it was executed badly in comparison to previous versions, it’s really had a good, healthy run on GSN.

There are the few favorites of mine that are still left of any show I watch daily on GSN: Clark Pyramid, Password, 1 vs. 100, and Hollywood Squares. But that being said, in the end that is just not enough. There’s really no variety left anymore. We’ve lost way too many shows this year, particularly from the Goodson-Todman library. And as sad I was to see a lot of those shows go, I thought we’d at least see a few more goodies from the Sony library or some kind of good programs besides the same old ones to try to make up for the losses… and with these latest changes, that doesn’t seem to be happening. I’ve found myself watching less and less.

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