Sunday, August 2, 2009

ATWT: Decisions, Decisions

Thursday, July 30th:

It may not seem like it considering some of these last entries, but I really do love Holden. However, lately he’s really been annoying me. He may be right about Damian, but he and Lucinda are going about it all wrong. With the way they handled this job business with Worldwide, they were just as manipulative as they say Damian was. I also love that not that long ago Holden was getting onto Luke about growing up and being an adult, which meant making his own decisions. Luke just did this and he obviously can’t accept it that he didn’t do what he wanted.

Oh, and writers, PLEASE get Meg out of Damian’s orbit NOW; I so did not want to see these two in bed. They have no chemistry whatsoever. And Lily, if you’re trying to convince me that you’re not jealous of Meg and Damian, you’ve FAILED. Miserably.

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