Sunday, August 9, 2009

Online Pick of the Week (8/7): GSN Promos

The selection this week, is well, again actually more than one.

It’s something I’ve noticed about GSN with their promos. Over the past several years, a lot of them I have found for them to be less than engaging and often times annoying.

For instance, I’ve mentioned my dislike for the “Catch a Game” campaign that aired last summer. The ones for Playmania with Shandi Finnessey’s shrill celebratory voice come to mind as well. There were also the constant promos for The Amazing Race in 2005. And right now, there are some that I find to be irritating, including the ones for Deal or No Deal, most particularly the one where the female contestant shouts “DEALLLLL!” at the top of her lungs. Not only is the obnoxiousness something I don’t like, but they are often shown much more than any others.

In seeing the older promos from the network from before 2004, there are things I do like about them a lot more. For one thing, the classics seemed to be promoted a lot more individually than in one fell swoop, like this one for Match Game. I wish we could see more of these. The possibilities are practically limitless when it comes to shows like Jeopardy! and Pyramid. Also, in seeing these shows from older GSN copies, they seem to be spread out more and there’s more variety. I also love the ones from GSN’s earliest period when people are asked why they love game shows so much and when they used the celebrity appearances to help promote the show. Hug that Host was kind of cute too. Now, while I do give praise to much of GSN’s older ads, not all of them I find to be perfect; for example, I found Mr. Green Ball to be rather silly.

But there actually is one current set of promos now that I actually do enjoy, which are for 20Q. Maybe it’s because a lot of it has to do with my adoration for Hal Sparks, but I find them to be pretty cute and they go to show what chemistry they have as host and co-host. And they aren’t run into the ground. That helps too.

GSN promos are my picks for the week! Find your favorites!

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