Sunday, August 9, 2009

ATWT: Movie Night

I don’t get this. I really don’t. Why build a set for a scene that’ll only be around for 30 seconds? Show, if you’re trying to convince me that there’s supposed to be some spark between Noah and Mason, they’re going to need to be on the show for longer than 10 minutes a week together.

From the way things looked at first it seemed as though Noah was going to be jealous of Luke talking with that boss’ daughter. So glad they didn’t go that route.

Friday, August 7th:

Oh, poor Meg whining about not going on that cruise; someone cue the violins. Sigh. And why is Holden questioning Emma’s not being able to take care of Eliza? Wasn’t he in the room when Emma said her ankle was acting up earlier in the episode? Oh, and Lily, you SUCK at trying to prove you have no interest in Damian.

I think Noah is right about not forcing his opinion on Luke in a situation like this. Luke has to make his own decision and if that doesn’t happen, all they’re going to do is fight. I can see why Luke would be guilty about letting Holden down. And it’s just weird now when it comes to Lily and Holden with Damian. Take the jealousy out on Lily’s part and it’s like they’ve switched brains.

Meanwhile, in writing news, changes have been made at As The World Turns. Courtney Simon, who was in charge of continuity on the show, will be replaced by Josh Griffith. Knowing that Josh has worked on The Young and the Restless, One Life to Live, and also on As The World Turns itself back in 2006, writing a lot of the scripts which involved Luke’s coming out back when I actually watched the show every day, I feel confident about this change. Turns out Josh wrote one of my favorite Luke episodes ever also, where he came out to Will!

People in the industry are upset about Simon being let go, but I’m sorry, as much as I don’t want to see someone fired, this show has begun to really suffer over the past couple years outside some good episodes every once in a while, and continuity is one of the show’s biggest weaknesses right now. It’s gotten well past the point where not only history is overall rewritten, but the continuity of the show changes within WEEKS. I’m sure it’s not easy to run a show like this, but a lot of the mistakes made seem to be much more of the careless kind. I mean, for heaven’s sake, yesterday Meg’s wardrobe and Damian’s hair changed within the course of ONE DAY. That just smacks of laziness, and that’s only one example. And there’s no excuse for it. If this show cares about staying around, changes need to be made. If only changes were made further up.

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