Tuesday, February 3, 2009

DVD news: Mary Tyler Moore and Supernatural

Here’s news on the Mary Tyler Moore spring release. Now don’t get me wrong, Mary Tyler Moore is my favorite show ever and I am more than happy to see Fox be devoted to releasing the rest of the series and fulfilling the promise they made to us fans several months ago. But I REALLY hope they also release individual season sets as well as possibly releasing a complete series package. There are people who have already bought earlier seasons and shouldn’t have to re-buy seasons of the show they’ve already got in order to get the last three. Come on, Fox, please don’t piss off a bunch of people by not considering other ways to release the show besides one complete series set. And I hope the same doesn’t possibly happen with the final two seasons of The Bob Newhart Show and the rest of Newhart if they are ever released.

Meanwhile, I like the season 4 artwork for Supernatural, or what’s known as the possible artwork. If it is, I’m surprised it leaked so soon considering the latest season is not released until at least September. Castiel has been a big important part of this season so I’m not surprised to see Misha Collins on the cover. And Jensen and Jared are looking good, as usual.

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