Monday, February 23, 2009

ATWT: Luke the Private Eye

Thursday, February 12th:

Casey, do you EVER have sex in your own bed? Seeing him and Jade just makes me want to see Luke and Noah in bed with no one knocking at the door. There are SO many things wrong with this “plant drugs in Elwood’s bag” plan.

Thursday, February 19th:

It would have been really nice if we could have actually seen Reg’s funeral. There are folks out there who think Luke is overreacting to this, and it’s like I agree and disagree with the sentiment. I disagree, because well, Luke and Reg were friends and didn‘t just seem to be mere acquaintances. Half of me agrees however, because this show devoted such little screen time towards Reg, and this is yet another one of those situations where more airtime towards Luke and Noah would have definitely benefited. And Luke is being rather reckless.

Luke, you’re a sweetheart who wants to make sure Reg’s death does not go in vain, but breaking and entering? Yeah, not such a good idea. Funny how Luke was brought into the police station with no handcuffs. And wow, Elwood, not scared of Luke? You could have fooled me when he grabbed you earlier in the episode. You looked like you were about to piss yourself. And saying stuff similar to the lines of “you can’t catch me, you have no evidence,” especially in front of a cop (I know, I know, Oakdale’s police department is one stepping stone away from being the equivalent of the Keystone Cops, but still) is pretty stupid.

Loved Luke’s “eww” face when he got into Elwood’s room. And, shocker! Noah had a scene with other people besides Luke! How many people thought that after the police station, Noah would have been gone for the rest of the episode? And Noah’s so rational and a great boyfriend in this. Also loved that they share a bank account.

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