Wednesday, February 11, 2009

ATWT: Livin’ In Fast Forward

Wednesday, February 11th:

Wow. Today was another perfect example of how the pacing on this show needs some serious work. When Paul, Meg, and Dusty are on, a story of theirs will take MONTHS while Luke and Noah’s events go by at warp speed.

Let’s just look at all that happened during the course of today. Luke and Noah plan a surprise birthday party for Casey, Jade gets Casey to come, the party starts, Elwood shows up out of nowhere and a drug deal takes place. Following that, a near brawl ensues after Elwood makes smartass comments towards Casey. Reg overdoses, Reg dies, Luke and Noah find pills, Casey and Jade do it, Luke confronts Elwood in Old Towne… all this in less than one hour. That is just WAY too much to digest in one day. Would it have killed them to at least extend this out during the course of two or three days if not a week?

Oh, and I hope I never need to be admitted to Oakdale Hospital. Barely anything was done when Reg was taken there. And he was on, for what, all of three minutes before he died? Why so damn fast? And I really don't like that Reg was the one to die. Even if he wasn’t used much, there could have been some good potential with him in Luke and Noah’s story. I would have not liked seeing Reg die regardless, but this could have gotten off to a really good start if this show knew a thing or two about balance and storytelling in the proper speed.

And the other straight couples on today spend more than half of the show having sex recycling the same old "I want a baby" mess while Luke and Noah's good friend DIES? Yippee. Sorry, Jean Passanante, no cookie for you.

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