Sunday, February 22, 2009

GSN’s March Schedule: Reaction

I’m both very excited and rather disappointed at the same time when it comes to this; such conflicting feelings.

I’m ever so joyful concerning the news about Pyramid. Seriously, favorite game show ever. And if it’s going to be on a lot, they might as well diversify the airings. You have no idea how much I’ve been looking forward to seeing more of the $25,000 version. I’ve never had GSN when that era aired on a regular basis. Although I am disappointed to see Press Your Luck leave. But at the same time… the hour of Let’s Make a Deal and ‘80’s Pyramid sounds like a GREAT hour of television. And I love that $100,000 is coming back too (I’ll love it even more if it’s season 1, that’ll DEFINITELY be squee-worthy news, let me tell you), but I’m so disappointed that it’s replacing Jim Perry’s Card Sharks. The finale was only months away, and the 1980-81 era is what I consider to be some of the best years of the show. And this is the third time Eubanks’ version has started over, only for it to be removed. Not the biggest fan of that era, but wow. LOVE that Hollywood Squares is coming back. And I’m about 97% positive it’s Bergeron’s.

After the fan reaction of it being removed in 2006, I’ll bet What’s My Line? will be one of the first Goodson-Todman shows to return. That show came back QUICK then, even if it was only on early Monday morning duty for a long while. And I wouldn’t be surprised this time if said return was rather speedy also, even if rights have to be re-negotiated.

I’m getting sick of Family Feud on GSN right now. The only reasons why I’ve been truly excited about the show on GSN lately are because there were a few memorable episodes on the Valentine’s Day marathon, Rod Roddy sub-announced on the ABC shows that aired two weeks ago, and over the course of the next two weeks, Dawson and Combs Feuds will be having all-star episodes. Combs’ version is the only one right now I really even try to watch on a regular basis. And while it’ll be nice having Match Game PM back, I just hope I don’t eventually tire of Match Game as I pretty much have with Feud.

So basically, you take the good (Dick Clark’s Pyramid, Password, and Hollywood Squares coming), you take the bad (What’s My Line?, Press Your Luck, and Card Sharks going), you take them both, and there you have GSN’s latest schedule change.

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