Tuesday, February 3, 2009

ATWT: Luke and the Teen Set

Wednesday, January 28th:

Wow, this really wasn’t that enjoyable at all. We just left off previously with one of the most memorable and historic moments in daytime history, and we have with this silly relationship mess with Casey, Jade, and Alison? Noah is not on at ALL? Boo, hiss. Very disappointing.

Monday, February 2nd:

Don’t get me wrong. I like that Luke is interacting with other people in the young set, but this story is ridiculous. Are Alison and Casey 9 years old? These games that are being played are just silly and childish. I really hope that Matt is not going to be used for potentially ANOTHER storyline involving Alison being wishy-washy between two men. And we also have typical Emily being a bitch. Nothing new there. It’s just too funny that she wants to call someone else out on their supposed manipulations. Um, Emily, girlfriend, I think someone needs to take a look in the mirror. And I’m beyond tired of Noah just being an afterthought. On the upside… hmm, well… uh, wow… Luke did look pretty today.

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