Wednesday, February 11, 2009

ATWT: Filler Friday

Friday, February 6th:

Okay, we have the good… well, Luke and Noah being on was a pretty nice surprise even though it was obviously filler.

The not so good… there are some MAJOR mistakes with today’s dialogue. The idea of money being an issue is ridiculous. With Luke, he has money out the wazoo thanks to trust funds, and Noah has a job. If Will and Gwen can find their own place at friggin’ 17, Luke and Noah surely can find a place. Not to mention Luke’s mom owns the Lakeview! And what happened to Noah’s truck? Now it’s like he doesn’t even have a car. And the biggest mistake… it’s always been that Noah wants him and Luke to move into a place of their own; now all of a sudden it’s the other way around without any explanation.
A surprise of Luke and Noah is really nice, but seriously, writers, how hard is it to do some quick research on what YOU yourselves have recently written?

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