Thursday, January 31, 2008

ATWT: Scab Power

Even though I’m not wowed with the overall Dusty storyline, I am glad that Luke and Noah are now at the point where they are interacting in other people’s storylines. And poor Luke. He needed a hug so badly from Noah -- and he got one, too! The acting was pretty flawless with Van, Jake, and John Hensley. Though I’m not too worried plot wise. If you’ve read my previous ATWT entry, you know I don’t think Holden killed anyone. It would have been nice for Noah to have had more lines, but also at the same time, there wasn’t much that could have been said by him. I’m sure that there will be other occasions in the near future. And what about Lucinda and Noah in the same room. Wow. Can we have more scenes with them together? Please?

It’s only been less than a week and I am already sold on the scab writers for the show. I’m still not impressed with many of the overall storylines, save for Luke & Noah‘s and Barbara‘s cancer storyline. For instance I feel that while Wally Kurth is a good actor, the Sam the ventriloquist story is an embarrassment. As much as I’m glad to see Will and Gwen be happy for a change, I do think they are too young to have a child. And I mentioned before how I’ve felt about the story regarding Dusty’s death. But it seems that the day to day dialogue is much better than before.

Also, the characters seem to have gotten out of their individual isolation bubbles and are interacting with each other, and about history too. I was floored when Casey came back to town to see Will and Gwen, and Will actually talked about his time in the mental ward while Casey talked about prison. Then during Jack and Carly scenes, they mentioned history too and it was important to the scene. Carly also KNEW Rosanna was sick again. I also don’t think we would have seen Lisa and Casey reunite so soon if the regular writers were in charge.

Now that the day to day stuff is getting better, I just wish that soon enough the character assassination will stop, and I am waiting patiently for Sam to be gone. And not only should Luke and Noah get more airtime, but what about Henry and Vienna? I’d like to see them do more besides just pimping other people’s relationships. But the dialogue is improving. The scabs did their homework on the history show or something, but whatever it is, I hope they keep it up. It’s Even better than compared to two weeks ago and also definitely one good thing that’s happened because of the strike and it makes me wish that Passanante never comes back. Ever. To the rest of the soap business, I ask, please, PLEASE stop hiring this woman.

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