Wednesday, January 9, 2008

How Much Is Enough?: Debut

Tonight marked the debut of the first new game show for GSN of 2008; How Much Is Enough?, which tests contestants against their appetite for greed, hosted by Corbin Bernsen.

I have to say I really was not impressed with the format of the show. All there is to every round is a money clock counting up or down and people ringing in, with the ring-in factor alternating. Every other round changed from ringing in last or first being the most important. I really wish there was more to it than that.

The budget didn’t really even bother me. I mean after all, it’s a cable game show so I’m not expecting millions of dollars to be a focal point of the show. And even that wouldn’t save the fact that I found the overall format very uninspired. The bonus round works, but EVERY round is essentially the same, and I’m not a fan of that.

It’s sad, too, because I liked almost everything EXCEPT the format. I do like Corbin Bernsen as a host. I thought he was good at interacting with the contestants. And he worked well with what he had. And for once on a newer show, especially of GSN’s lately, the contestants didn’t annoy me. There was also none of that fake “animosity” between one another which I thought was cute on Weakest Link, but can’t stand elsewhere and was glad not to see it here. There are no insane gimmicks and no drama is forced. Even the set was appropriate. It’s just the format for the majority of it to me was so unentertaining.

I really found it like Friend or Foe minus the trivia and bitchiness. I would have much rather seen a second season of their version of I’ve Got A Secret.

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