Friday, March 26, 2010

GSN: April Schedule Changes

Several online TV listings (TitanTV, Yahoo!, Zap2it, etc.) are reporting changes for GSN’s line-up, beginning of all days, on April 1st.


9:00 am Family Feud (Richard Dawson ABC 1980; replaces Match Game syndie 1979-82)
9:30 am Card Sharks (replaces Match Game PM)
10:00 am Card Sharks (replaces Family Feud, Ray Combs 1988-94 syndie)
11:00 am $100,000 Pyramid (replaces Catch 21)
11:30 am Match Game ‘74 (replaces Jeopardy!)
12:00 pm Match Game ‘74 (replaces Match Game ‘78)
1:00 am Family Feud (Richard Karn, replaces Regis’ Millionaire)
1:30 am Family Feud (Richard Karn, replaces Regis’ Millionaire)
3:00 am Card Sharks (replaces Family Feud 1977-85 syndie)
3:30 am Card Sharks (replaces Password)

Also 6 pm and 1 am Saturdays will feature Million Dollar Password, in place of 1 vs. 100.

There’s some bad news with this as far as I’m concerned; Jeopardy! has been on this network since its inception and I can’t believe that show is leaving. Not too happy with Combs Feud given the shaft (again) either. It’s typical the version of the show getting the least airplay is the one to go while Karn Feud airs 5 times a day. I’m not too thrilled about Password exiting either but it looks like they’re going to have aired all the episodes they have before removing the show. I’m also a bit disappointed in Match Game rewinding back to 1974 as I was looking forward to some of the later episodes.

But for probably the first time in almost a year, in spite of the negatives, I actually find something positive about a GSN schedule change. Variety is still an issue but Card Sharks is one of GSN’s more popular shows and always did decently when it was rerun, so bringing back a solid performer is definitely a plus. And it also is an obvious sign that the Goodson shows are not done for on GSN. It’s pretty clear right now that at this point they can only afford to air so much at a given time. Million Dollar Password is a pretty good acquisition too. Lord knows I’ll take this show over tired and ridiculous reality and hidden camera garbage.