Friday, March 19, 2010

ATWT: Independent Noah

Tuesday, March 16th:

I love Noah Mayer, always have and always will, but this independence stuff is starting to get to me. I’ve never been blind before so I can only imagine the hardships that come, but it would have been nice to see some of the other things that occur during something like this. Noah wanting to claim his independence repeatedly reminds me of the “But Reg was our friennnnnd!“ line uttered from Luke every other scene in that particular storyline last year. Both lines are said repeatedly. And I’m sorry, but I would rather Luke do something like pick up Noah’s cane for him versus him possibly cutting himself over broken pottery.

Luke seriously has a point. Noah stuck by him through so much when Luke tried to push him away. There is nothing wrong with taking a little reciprocation from Luke when it’s needed. Why doesn’t Noah understand that?! ARGH. No wonder a break up was inevitable. In spite of the sadness, this was such a love-filled break up. Too convincing that Nuke is the endgame.

Wednesday, March 17th:

You know, if I were Reid and I was getting beaten up by someone and someone else stopped it I’d be a BIT more grateful. Luke has McBitchy figured out so well. And sorry, but no sexual tension was there to be had with these two, at least not from my eyes. I’ll admit, I saw something when Luke grabbed him at the police station, but here? All I saw was anger. It’s no different than Holden and Damian grabbing each other or Jack and Craig in a fit of rage.

I’ll admit I’m interested in where this story is going, but at this point nothing much has changed. Luke was nice to Reid yet again and Reid responded by being jerky. Sigh. Aside from a couple one-liners they're making it REALLY hard for me to like this guy.

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