Tuesday, March 30, 2010

ATWT: Panic! At the Elevator

Monday, March 29th:

Luke jumping up and down in the elevator during Reid’s panic attack in the elevator was so hilariously inappropriate. Obviously Luke had fun witnessing the fact that Dr. Reid Oliver is not invincible and adverse to fear.

Dusty is like some sort of superhero. Seriously; the guy was shot, put in a trunk, and left for dead back in 2007 and he managed to literally walk out of it. A gunshot wound, even to the head, seems to be nothing for this guy. He's sort of like a more sane version of Paul; I was expecting him to be okay. Noah’s actually here today? Yes! The show actually remembering Dusty’s connection with him was also refreshing. It’s nice to see Luke actually tell Noah himself about the donation. They're not together right now, but it just goes to show how much they care about each other, breakup or not. I’m glad the writers didn’t go the typical angry!Noah route. That was always so frustrating to watch.

And what’s this? Reid actually cracking a smile today? With his usual bitchy demeanor, you’d think he’d have pulled something in order to do that. Also, that "quick and dirty, just the way I like it" line in reference to Dusty's surgery? People are going to fanwank the hell out of that.

My issues with this storyline so far notwithstanding (not being a fan of Reid and not enough Noah); at least with Noah back on canvas we can actually at least have some sort of potential triangle with all three characters being on.

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