Friday, March 12, 2010

ATWT: Getting Ready to Go

Thursday, March 11th:

As much as I dislike Dr. Reid, his attitude to Henry today was actually well justified. I usually love him, but Henry’s “are you sure you know?” in response to Reid’s stating that he’s gay (um, wow) and the other stuff that came out of his mouth is an absolutely asinine. I know Henry’s not a homophobe based on past interactions with Luke and Noah, but today he just came off as a buffoon. And Katie was so right. It’s none of his business when/if he told her.

Luke and Noah were great today. No forced business to be had here. While I hate that Jake is going to be off canvas AGAIN for the next 2-3 weeks, I do like the fact that it looks like Noah is going to Dallas for his operation with his relationship with Luke on good terms. And Noah totally wanted that kiss and didn‘t back down. There’s no question about it.

This episode was better than I thought it would be. It seemed before that today would be focused much on forced drama that’s been seen the past couple or so Nuke days. Today wasn’t the case at all. I just hope they don’t jack things up by giving them an off-camera break up situation. This is one of those days in which I say that I wish more episodes would be written this way.

Friday, March 12th:

Sigh. More of Dr. Jerk being full of old-school charm as usual. Not yet knowing the doc is actually gay himself, Luke’s reasoning wasn’t that off-centre about his possible homophobia. But still, overall this guy is an equal opportunity jackass. Let’s not forget his jerk like behavior towards, Bob, Kim, Lily, the judge, and damn near everyone else. Young. Old. Straight. Gay. Doesn’t matter. Dude’s a prick. End of story.

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