Friday, March 5, 2010

ATWT: Drama-Induced Goodbyes

Wednesday, March 3rd:

Good God! Why does this show insist on injecting drama where there really shouldn’t need to be any? Why?! There is no reason whatsoever for a break-up. None. I refuse to believe Noah “doesn’t need a lover right now.” If anything, the almost kiss proved that very well. The almost kiss also proves that the off-the-charts sexual chemistry is there like nobody’s business (give this couple an intimate love scene in a bed NOW!). And way to dismiss Luke’s feelings in the end. That doesn’t make Noah look too good. One of many reasons why plot driven storytelling does not a good soap make.

And here’s a thought of logic that seems to be thrown out the window… Luke could easily go with Noah to Dallas. But no, that has to be tossed aside for forced angst. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: angst is a good quality for a show like this. And when it’s done right, it leads to great drama, but when it’s forced for the sake of the plot and nothing more, it can really fall flat. It’s really a shame since Jake Silbermann is doing a great job playing a blind person. All it needs is just better writing. Preferably writing that doesn’t go up and down quality-wise from episode to episode. Oh, and of course, Noah probably isn’t going to be seen for a while. Boo.

And no formal goodbye scenes with Maddie? Especially after taking the time to establish some sort of new friendship with Hunter and getting along really well with Noah again. And Luke and Maddie barely said a word to each other on camera. What a lame move to make.

Sorry, no cookie for you today, show.

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