Monday, June 15, 2009

GSN’s Big Saturday Night Review

GSN debuted something new this weekend… something BIG! GSN’s Big Saturday Night!

I enjoyed 20Q. I really didn’t care for Cat Deeley when she subbed for Meredith on Millionaire earlier this year, but here, she seems much more relaxed and at home. And I’ve always loved Hal Sparks in everything I’ve seen him do: Queer as Folk, Pyramid, I love the… on VH-1, and this is no exception. You don't actually see him here, but I think you get the idea. The computer-style jokes were cheesy, but honestly, I wasn’t expecting any less. The game play is pretty entertaining.

As much as I liked 20Q, The Money List is really the better show out of the two. I actually like Fred Roggin more here than on GSN Live. While the lengthy reveals became to get grating to me (loved it when one of the contestants said “Don’t make me come out of this booth!”), the dramatics have been toned down tremendously when comparing this version to Fox’s. It really reminds me of an expensive version of Hot Potato, minus the moving couches.

As far as the rest of the night; I cannot stand the Big Saturday Night inserts. Really, I can’t. I can sit down and enjoy a show with good game show parodies or parodies of any kind, but this was not one of them. What the hell was up with that lame Weekend Update rip-off? And that interview with the “Whammy” just made me cringe. Eventually every time one segment came on it just made me wish that I had the ability to fast-forward live TV. I love Keegan-Michael Key and MADtv, but those parts were just awful. And it really irritated me to see GSN experience technical glitch number 2,457,380,962 and cut a segment of The Money List off too early just for more Big Saturday Night inanity.

So in all honesty, I’d recommend watching 20Q and The Money List, especially the latter… but on Sunday repeats. I wouldn’t bother wasting any extra time on Big Saturday Night.


Michael F said...

Hi Brandon. I am michaellinn at the GSN site. Glad to have found your blog!

I agree with everything you've said about Big Saturday Night. I like the two new game shows, but don't care at all for the comedy and audience stuff in-between. I will probably just record the whole thing and then fast-forward to watch just the two new shows.

20Q is really fun to play along. I like the host, and Hal Sparks' voice is excellent as Mr. Q. I've always liked Hal in all his work as well.

The Money List is also fun to play along, and I agree that Fred is better here on this show than he is on GSN Live.

I hope that if the BSN format doesn't last, GSN will still keep 20Q and The Money List. I would even like to see these two shows as daily shows rather than just weekly shows, but this will do for my game show fix for now, LOL.

Good blog, Brandon! Keep up the good work. :)

Brandon B. said...

Hey, Michael! Thanks for the kind words! I am glad you're enjoying my blog!