Thursday, June 18, 2009

$1M Pyramid Pilot: Pictures!

The pictures have just come out this week thanks to someone at Invision for the set of the new potential $1,000,000 Pyramid!

I really like the set. Retro is not really a requirement for a good set for a revival for me, however, I really do like what was put out. And I’m certainly not going to complain that they apparently have the legacy of the show in mind with the design, even right down to the $1,000,000 lighted sign above the big winner’s circle board. I’m glad to see what looks like trilons and not LCD screens.

And I’m relieved to hear that the revival is going back to the 7 clue-30 second format and not retaining the rushed 6 clue-20 second format that was seen on Donnymid. It was one of the serious problems I had with that version.

For me, this is the one saving grace for the 3 PM hour for CBS now that they have axed Guiding Light. PLEASE pick this up. I’d much rather see this over a talk show.

It’s nice that for once Michael Davies is behind a game show revival and I am really not nervous.


Michael F said...

The pictures look so awesome! I hope this show will get picked up in the fall.

Like you, I am a huge Pyramid fan. I love the '70s and '80s episodes. I wasn't too crazy about the Donny Osmond version. I didn't like the new format, and so much from Dick Clark's version was missing, such as the familiar theme song, the sound effects, and, even though I've always liked Donny, he didn't play the Winner's Circle out like Dick would do when one or more subjects weren't guessed correctly at the end. Donny would just run in and say, "Oh, Oh, Oh...What was it, audience?"

I have read that this new version is much more like the classic version. I just hope we get to see it!

Anonymous said...
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