Sunday, June 28, 2009

ATWT: Alive and Kicking

Tuesday, June 23rd:

I can understand being suspicious of Riley and wanting Margo to see that, but geez, Casey, could you have tried doing it a bit less… jerk-like? Oh well, the good thing is that Casey/Alison is done now.

Daniel Hugh-Kelly is a welcome sight, but when it comes to Colonel Nutjob… with the smoking of the cigar yesterday and the evil laugh, I swear all else that was needed was a handlebar mustache, and you'd have the complete image of the stereotypical evil cartoon villain. And wearing fatigues with the name Mayer on them while probably walking outdoors in broad daylight? And YOU took the DVD? You’re supposed to be DEAD, remember? Sure of yourself much, Colonel?

Oh, and if Emily says the word “eggs” one more time, I will lose it.

Friday, June 26th:

There are still some things that really get to me with this show, because they still don’t bother sometimes to take care of important details. For instance, there’s Colonel Asshat threatening to call Margo and rat Riley out. And there’s also him taking off in broad daylight to go after him. Um… again, Colonel, YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO BE DEAD. How can he call anyone else? If I were you, Daddie, again, I wouldn’t be so sure of myself. Oh and the lesson for today: if I ever come across Daddie Dearest with a weapon in my hand, I’ll just shoot and ask questions later.

But one thing that was really good was the ending. This is how a soap should go out for the week. It’s days like this that goes to show that they can put at least some effort into it when they really want to.

And something else to point out: Luke and Noah have better chemistry than some of the couples on this show that actually get to have on-screen sex.

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