Sunday, May 3, 2009

GSN: More Schedule Changes

There are apparently more schedule changes coming starting May 18th:


10:30 am $25,000 Pyramid (CBS 1982-88, replaces Family Feud (Combs syndie, 1998-94))
11:00 am Bingo America (replaces Let’s Make A Deal (syndie 1971-77))
11:30 am Whammy! (GSN, 2002-03, replaces $25,000 Pyramid (CBS 1982-88))

These seem to contradict with some of the ones that are taking place in June.

I love The $25,000 Pyramid… it’s one of the things acquired lately on GSN along with $100,000 Pyramid, original Password, and Hollywood Squares that I enjoy. The show following Super Password at 10 doesn’t sound bad. But it is so typical that they pull the version of Feud that’s airing the least out of all of them. I mean we can’t sacrifice ONE lousy Karn airing? Not one? Why can’t they show this version from start to finish? And boo to Let’s Make a Deal leaving earlier than intended; at least on weekdays. Bingo America taking its place? Blah. Whammy! is now scheduled to move to 11:30 am. Oh joy. Now I REALLY can’t wait to find the remote and turn it to Price.

This is looking more and more like Dark Period 3.0...

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