Wednesday, May 13, 2009

GSN: Game Show Awards Drama

As much as I was looking forward to the awards ceremony, and as much as I think this genre has been well past due for a ceremony which prides the excellence of it, and also, as much as it probably would have been fun to review… after reading this, my excitement regarding the big night has drained somewhat significantly.

I’ll admit, it took me a while to realize who Bob Barker really is off-camera, even after realizing that there was bad blood behind the scenes of Price. But I would really like to know that with this, who can seriously look the other way and see Bob as the victim in all of this? Who can seriously have his back? What happened was nothing but classic off-camera Bob that we’ve known about for years. He doesn’t get what he wants, and instead of sucking it up and dealing with it like an adult, to get back at the other person, he stops short of stamping his feet so he can get his way in the end. And it’s ridiculous.

Honestly, I’d have called his bluff, and if he didn’t show up at the awards ceremony, too bad for him. I can’t believe Betty got screwed out of a personal appearance so they could cater to him. There is NO reason why Betty could not be there in person. None.

Betty is a true legend. As for Bob Barker, you may have had a long career in television, but you have nowhere near the amount of class that she has.


Anonymous said...

I don't get it either. Bob Making a big deal over an elephant cage? C'mon! I was actually one of many people who thought he was "The Santa Claus of all Game Shows" all those years. But my respect towards him dropped significantly after reading lawsuits and posts on about how evil this guy was to work with off camera all of last year. Granted I don't have GSN, but even if i did, I'm not watching this thing, nor would I would support Barker in anyway. I'm in Betty White's camp.

Mandy said...

If I'm lucky, I'll catch the awards show. But when it comes time to give Barker the award, I'll flip straight to something else that catches my eye. Anything has to be better than seeing an ego like his and an award that should be better off in someone else's hands. Barker's got an ego too big for his own being. I've already commented on the GSN board that I support Betty.

(racingchick from GSN)

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