Friday, May 1, 2009

GSN's June Schedule

New GSN schedule change, starting June 1st:

Changes listed only:
11:00 AM Whammy! (GSN 2002-03, replaces Let's Make a Deal, (1971-77 syndie))
4:00 PM Pyramid (2002-04 syndie, replaces Weakest Link (2002-03, syndie))
7:00 pm Deal or No Deal (NBC, replaces Lingo (GSN 2002-07) and Pyramid (2002-04 syndie))

2:00 AM 1 vs. 100 (replaces Dog Eat Dog)
8:00 PM 20 Questions
9:30 PM The Money List
3:00 PM 20 Questions (replaces Family Feud (Karn))
5:00 PM The Money List (replaces Who Wants to be a Millionaire? (ABC 1999-2002))

I’m really not surprised that Deal or No Deal is coming to GSN. If you’ve read a couple previous entries about the nighttime show… you'll see that I’m not too excited about this news. However, t might be interesting to see repeats of the very early episodes… I loved it so much before it became a circus. I love that 1 vs. 100 is coming though. It was one of my favorite recent prime time game shows and I wish that NBC never canceled it.

Whammy replacing Let’s Make A Deal… sorry, but that just blows. How many more times are they going to run that into the ground? Couldn’t they have picked another Sony show from the vault? And I was really hoping they’d air the 1984 version at least one more time. And I love Pyramid to death, but there is no need for me to watch the show in the morning if it’ll just be on again in the overnight. Congratulations, GSN, you’ve really made it easy for this viewer to choose between you and The Price is Right on CBS at 11 am.

I’m looking forward to The Money List. I hope it’s not as over dramatic as its original format, The Rich List was. But then again, GSN is not Fox, so I think we’ll be alright. Curious about 20 Questions too… hopefully there’ll be positive news about that sometime.

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