Friday, May 1, 2009

ATWT: Free at Last

Monday, April 27th:

Inconsistencies aside (you mean to tell me, show, that NO ONE AT ALL heard Alison in the closet shouting for help except Casey), this was a pretty enjoyable day. Again, Luke and Noah show how in love they are very well, even in a life and death situation.

More wishy-washy Alison. Enough of this. Please, writers, I beg of you.

One other thing. Zoe trying to get some from Luke… ugh, that kiss... I can’t think of anything else to describe this except to say OH, MY GOD! MY EYES! MY BEAUTIFUL BROWN EYES! EWW! MAKE IT STOP! NOW! I know I’m using a lot of caps, but OH MY DEAR GOD IN HEAVEN that kiss was absolutely REVOLTING. Even the Brian kisses were more enjoyable than this! I guess it’s not a real Jean Passanante storyline without attempted rape thrown in at least once. *rolls eyes*

Tuesday, April 28th:

I always think that logic and consistency should play a vital role in soap story telling (and quite honestly, it should be important in telling any story). But today, I don’t even care how little sense Noah stopping Zoe with his legs made. It made the disgustingness that was Zoe macking on Luke stop. And wow, Margo, you’ll just believe anyone won’t you? How can you believe Z-squared after all the evidence that supports the contrary? Stuff like this is why people in Oakdale take the law into their own hands.

I’m glad this grudge between Holden and Damian seems to be coming to a close, well for now anyway. If Lily now and even Luke can forgive Damian, it’s time to move on. Earlier on he sounded way too optimistic about Damian possibly being locked up.

All in all, this storyline was far more enjoyable than some of the previous ones, but in the end… it seemed somewhat rushed. But there were really great elements, one of which that both Luke and Noah had similar screen time.

Thursday, April 30th:

I spoke too soon. Please move on Holden, I beg of you. Now. Luke is an adult; he can make his own decisions.

Great seeing Lucinda again. The more of her the better.

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