Tuesday, October 14, 2008

WGN: Lost '80's Week

WGN America is doing it again! From October 27-30, WGN is airing a two hour marathon of 4 different shows on 4 different nights, all apart of a marathon called "The Lost '80's Week!" It'll be as follows, from 8-10 PM eastern time:

Monday, October 27th: Three's a Crowd
Tuesday, October 28th: The Ropers
Wednesday, October 29th: Too Close For Comfort
Thursday, October 30th: Check It Out

Oh. My. God. I am SO excited about this like you can't believe. I've always wanted to see more of The Ropers and Three's a Crowd out of curiosity besides the about two or three of each that I've seen on Nick@Nite and TVLand a couple years back. In fact, I've always thought that they should have just gone ahead and released both shows instead of doing best of Jack and Janet Three's Company sets. I've never seen Check it Out and I'm definitely interested in it after reading more about the show. I have also waited for years to see a full episode of Too Close for Comfort.

With the expansion of the Outta Sight Retro Nights to include ALF, Coach, Bewitched, and I Dream of Jeannie, and also, The Munsters Halloween marathon coming up, there's so much for classic sitcom fans to look forward to this month.

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Shelly said...

I have all eps of Three's A Crowd and The Ropers on dvd's. Great quality for both. I will trade for the full upcoming lineup of WGN: Lost '80's Week. I don't get that channel here.
Let me know if you are interested.
Michelle K. in Chicago