Sunday, October 12, 2008

ATWT: 3-Letter Words

Wednesday, October 1st (deleted bench scene):

Wow, why was this cut? I understand that with shows, some things have to be cut for the time, but really, it’s just all the more disappointing considering how much time is devoted to Nuke. As I mentioned in the previous entry, there are other things that could have been sacrificed for this scene to air. And I think what makes it all the more annoying is that it really was a pretty nice scene. To me it’s always nice seeing these two be there for each other. And we can’t forget a picture of it was used as a promotional device. Lord knows we could have been spared Paul and Meg's latest insanity or Lily and Carly's latest bitch fest so Luke could have one more measly minute. I don't think it was an outlandish request to actually see this on the show. Again, I ask, why was this cut?

Wednesday, October 8th:

Brian is so full of it. He was all for passing out pamphlets at this Oakdale U film festival until he found out it was a gay film festival. Might I add, a film festival that was sponsored by the Gay-STRAIGHT alliance. Excuse the hell out of Luke and Noah for wanting to participate in it. It’s a pretty common fact that young, gay people as well as young straight folk usually have a lot of expendable income. Our moolah is just as green as straight folks’. Something else to point out -- it’s really not that hard of a word to say, Brian. Gay. Gay, gay, gay! For someone like him, it should really be a simple three-letter word. And even if he did have a point, you don’t talk to your boss the way he did. “Kid” and other things like that were uncalled for. He better thank his lucky stars that Luke didn’t hear him calling Lucinda a controlling bitch. Oh, that would have been ug-lee.

And Lily, give me a frickin’ break. Lucinda being involved in Dusty’s death has nothing to do with your relationship with Holden. Holden decided to cheat on Carly on his own. This is why I’ve just started skipping non-Nuke days now. The other storylines can really be hard to take.

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