Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bingo America: Season 2 Premiere

GSN’s interactive play-at-home bingo sensation is back for a new season, with new host Richard Karn, who’s DOUBLING THE FUN! (sorry, I could not resist)

I think Richard’s a better host than Patrick Duffy. And while we’re on the subject of doubling, if there’s one thing I’m glad to not see happen with Karn on this show is that there are no phrases to shout. I thought he was decent on Family Feud out of all three hosts of himself, Louie Anderson, and John O’Hurley, even though John‘s my favorite… I thought he was miles better than Louie. But points had to be taken away for the annoying “I’M DOUBLING/TRIPLING THE POINTS!!!!” that wound up becoming a common habit with his tenure on the show. And I’m glad that none of that is happening here. I think he has really the right amount of energy. Not too loud, not too quiet.

I can take or leave the new audience game. I don’t think it’s that necessary, but at the same time I don’t hate it. But I guess it’s just another way for them to have people win while watching, whether it be in the studio or at home.

I like this bonus game a bit more than last season, but it‘s still not something I‘d consider great. I like the fact that there’s a sort of threat element -- The Wrecking Ball, but I’m still rather bored by it. Overtime in season 1, I lost interest in it pretty quickly. I just don’t find it to be very exciting.

For those who want to check out the show, it's on at 6:30 PM eastern, right after Pyramid.

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