Wednesday, October 1, 2008

ATWT: Long Time, No See

Wednesday, October 1st:

Well, it’s been a month-long wait for fans of Luke and Noah, Noah’s finally back after his vacation in Italy! They start off the show, as Noah surprises Luke with a mini Statue of David while he’s working on his laptop. I loved how they hugged and kissed and I loved the part about the Italian words. But, dang it, Luke gets a call from Brian about having to go to a meeting. But it’s only the first few minutes of the show. Looks real promising, right?



It’s later in the show, but after extremely long conversations with Carly, Jack, Liberty, Janet, Meg, and Dusty, where’s the rest of Noah’s first day back? And when they’re finally at Metro towards the end, things come to a halt because Lily’s there and Carly shows up with Holden, so Luke and Noah decide to leave to go find Kim. Their three-and-a-half minute contribution to the show is over. I’m sorry, but Lily and Carly have bitch fests all the time lately. The same old “stay away from my husband” bit can wait.

I hate to be negative, but this episode’s time was a new low. What was the point of covering them in soap mags and the like for this episode if they were just going to be on for that little amount? And what makes it worse is their last scene was edited out. There's a slight chance it may be on later this week but I'm not even going to bother getting my hopes up. Would it really have been that bad to have an overexposed character like Meg take a day off for a change so some more characters not featured often could get some airtime? I have no problem these days skipping some episodes if I’m tired of the same people. It’s sad that a four year old’s story was featured more recently. Oh, and speaking of that story, Luke is Ethan’s godfather. Where was he during a much of that? And I think what really makes it disappointing is that this was so hyped up in Soap Opera Digest and other places such as the show's e-mail service as a big reunion that can’t be missed. A show that’s been on for over 50 years should know by now that when a couple reunites either after a break-up, or if one comes back from being out of the country, or hell, even if one came back from the dead, then that is something that should have some pretty big treatment.

What the hell is this show so afraid of? Have fan campaigns in the past several months taught them anything? They should know by now that there are plenty of people who want to see them on a regular basis. Does this show not want to be around after next year? If they do, then there’s a fail-safe plan: listen to your fans. As host Jim Perry on Card Sharks in regards to viewers when signing off for the day would often say, "without you, we're nothing." It's a very true concept. If only they'd get on the ball, then they'd have many more satisfied fans overall.

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