Tuesday, October 14, 2008

ATWT: Run, Luke, Run!

So, so, so many things to love about this episode.

While Luke has his reservations considering what happened after Dusty's "death," it's totally understandable that Noah wants to talk to Dusty. And I'm glad that Noah said that he can speak for himself. Dusty is the only other person outside of Luke's family that he can really be with. I wasn't always a huge fan of this concept before of Noah being with Dusty, but recently overtime I've managed to deal with it. Character interaction is always a good thing, and well, Noah needs a friend!

Considering Kevin's attitude after Luke came out, it's not surprising to see him still being all awkward and uncomfortable and I'm glad the show remembered this. It's just too obvious that he has an issue with Luke being gay and it's always been this way, even with Luke now having a boyfriend. And how adorable was this -- Luke introduced Noah as his boyfriend! Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this is the first time that that's happened. Before with other people, it just always seemed to be this awkward introduction with the word "friend" thrown in. I also like the idea of Luke running against Kevin in the election. What perfect timing for that.

I'm sorry, but Brian's still a dick. If he's trying to come off as neutral in all this, then in my honest opinion, he is failing miserably. At the very mention of anything at all that's even remotely gay, he immediately balks. Neutral people don't do that. People who remain neutral don't threaten to quit.

So to wrap things up, Nuke actually really got decent screentime (and yay, Noah even stayed around for the WHOLE show!) and the episode was great. So are the icicles forming in hell as we speak? I really like seeing them just being young and living the life in college. And I hope this storyline lives up to its expectations. It's always nice writing an overall positive review and I hope this continues. For once it looks like Luke and Noah are in a really meaty storyline.

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