Monday, May 26, 2008

The CW: Fall 2008 Schedule

Here it is, the CW's prime-time schedule for the fall 2008 season:

8 PM Gossip Girl
9 PM One Tree Hill

8 PM 90210
9 PM Surviving the Filthy Rich

8 PM America's Next Top Model
9 PM Stylista

8 PM Smallville
9 PM Supernatural

8 PM Everybody Hates Chris
8:30 PM The Game
9 PM America's Next Top Model rerun


I cannot tell a lie: I am really not psyched at all about The CW. Honestly, if it weren’t for Supernatural, One Tree Hill, Smallville, and Reaper, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be watching this network at all. I must admit, I am not a fan of televised wrestling these days, but I really don’t think it’s smart to get rid of one of their highest rated shows. But then again, the person in charge is the same person that got rid of Everwood so 7th Heaven could have another season that it desperately didn’t need. And Reba would have been cancelled if it wasn’t for a syndication deal, despite the fact that it was The WB’s highest rated sitcom. So I can’t say I’m not that surprised to hear that they’re getting rid of another high rated show.

As for the shows I do watch, I’m ready and eager for season 4 of Supernatural. That is my favorite current television series, and boy was the season 3 finale one hell of a cliffhanger. And I’ve heard that this will be the last season for One Tree Hill. I wouldn’t say season 5 was the show’s best season, but despite that I say let’s see if Dan can cheat death for the umpteenth time. Has anyone else noticed how much that show loves to play with that character’s life at the end of a season? Smallville will be gone too after this fall. And I don’t feel too psyched about Smallville’s last season after hearing Michael Rosenbaum is leaving the show. Kristen Kreuk’s departure to me won’t be that big a loss, but how can you have Smallville without Lex Luthor? I’m not a huge fan of Reaper but it has grown on me a lot, despite the fact that the Sock character still annoys me. I’m glad to see Bret Harrison get another shot at a series and I enjoy seeing him on it. I'm a bit disappointed though that we won't be seeing a full season of it. That's not coming back until mid season.

Despite my love for the four shows I’ve mentioned, this network is a perfect example of something in my eyes that wasn’t broken and doesn’t need fixing. The WB and UPN should have never merged. Ever.

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Anonymous said...

i just thought i leave a comment saying that ur right,, the wb and upn should have never merged,, but at least 4 of my favorite shows are still going to be on the cw(supernatural, smallville, one tree hill, and gossip girl) the only thing that depresses me is that you said that this is smallville's last season and some of the characters are missing,, which i think will make the show really dumb you cant just elimate two of the shows main characters,, and im also depressed that one tree hill is having its last season too, but hopefully all of these shows will have a good season,, xoxo...