Wednesday, May 21, 2008

ATWT: Ameera, we're on to you...

Monday, May 12th:

I surely saw this coming eventually. It was just a matter of time before Ameera got caught by either Luke or Noah. And you just gotta love Ameera’s attitude. Luke being irrational? Girlfriend, please! We all know you’re up to something!

That line from Noah during the Old Towne scene where he said to Luke “I think you’re a little paranoid of my father” was just so wrong. All this time since everything’s gone down, he’s done nothing but distance himself from his father because of what he’s done and what he’s capable of. This guy succeeded in killing his mother and almost killed his boyfriend. He hasn’t been able to forgive him for any of that. See, writers? See how that doesn’t work? Then we have Noah accusing Luke of being jealous and asking him if he’d be happy if he and Ameera got divorced. Um, of course! And how is Noah supposed to know what Ameera is like? He’s known her for how long. And speaking of Ameera… cut to her slinking behind them listening in. And that “because she’s my wife” crack… ugh writers, thanks so much for giving me another example of why I think plot-driven storylines suck.

While I cringed at that part of the show, I was actually pleasantly surprised at some of what came after. There was a bit of improvement. It’s about time that Lucinda and Luke share another scene. And writers, why oh WHY have you not had Lucinda, Luke and Noah share scenes together? It looks like that Noah by the end of this episode has FINALLY woken up and realized that something’s fishy about Ameera. I felt better when he confronted Ameera, especially where he says “I can’t even talk to you right now.” It’s about time that Ameera put on her pitiful little pouty face and Noah doesn’t even give it a second thought and leaves. And what’s more he’s out to follow Luke for a change. Thank you! And I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who saw the foreshadowing at the end when Noah said “Nothing’s gonna happen to me. I promise.” That’s just a sign something bad’s gonna happen.

Can’t say the rest of the show was that great. I mean, come on, Juicy Janet? Abbondanza! Shoot me. Please.

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nukelover said...

I totally agree! Ameera is definitely up to something! Thanks for the great read fellow fan!