Saturday, May 3, 2008

ATWT: Home Sweet Home

It was nice seeing Holden and Luke have another father/son conversation. I also did enjoy the part where Noah mentioned how much Luke enjoyed junk food and that he bought a bunch of it for him. These are those little things about the characters that I think are fun to get to know.

And of course, in the bedroom, Luke and Noah are about to kiss twice but Luke is squeamish about it since Ameera is apparently standing right outside the door. I’m willing to give the show the benefit of the doubt this time as far as the almost kisses go, considering that last week’s kiss scene was obviously edited in and like I mentioned last week, we know this B.S. has come to an end, and the real results will show soon.

While I can look past the kissing this week, the scenes from this episode still could have stood to be written better dialogue wise. At the end of the episode during Luke and Noah’s argument, I’m not sure if the two want a separation or not. It just wasn’t put out clearly enough, especially considering the last time that Luke stormed out in the middle of an argument, on the next episode it was as if nothing never even happened.

In other news… I am so happy that Van has been nominated for an Emmy. Hopefully he’ll win it this year. He’s one of the actors on this show that are truly great, and do shine even if the writing could be so much better. It’s why I’m glad As The World Turns was not nominated for best writing or drama. Considering the mostly horrid job Goutman and Passanante have done on this show in the past year and a half, I really don’t want there to be any kind of sign that the two of them are doing a good job. Is there the occasional day when the dialogue is good? Yes. But when you lump in character development (or lack thereof), overall storylines (Dusty’s death, creepy Sam and his buddy Cowboy Jack), pacing and balance (Katie, Carly, and Brad being on over FIFTY episodes this year, which pales in comparison to other characters and not just Luke and Noah), the show as a whole shouldn’t really get one this year. I’m all for the actors and actresses winning all the awards in the world. A lot of them are the ones that help make the show retain its watchability for me, not Goutman and Passanante.

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