Thursday, May 8, 2008

ATWT: What a Difference a Day Makes

Tuesday, May 6th:

Oh, my God. Wow. This is probably the first time in at least over two months where I have actually enjoyed an entire first-run episode of As The World Turns. $100 says Jean Passanante did not write this day’s script. And what a shock, Luke and Noah’s scenes were not 30 second to 2 minute long snippets.

I still hate the fact that the writing is plot-driven and bi-polar. However, I did like the dialogue itself and I think it was very well acted, especially by Jake. I found that Jake really shined today as Noah. I really felt for him. The emotion was all there. And Colonel Nutjob has not changed one bit. I’m not surprised in the least when it came to that. It’s not okay to be gay, but getting your gay son to marry a woman for all the wrong reasons and murdering his mom and trying to murder his boyfriend is just A-OK. You just gotta love this man’s crackerjack sense of morality! I don’t blame Noah one bit for not forgiving him. Daniel Hugh-Kelly also owned this episode. Just brilliant acting today. Absolutely brilliant.

Though I do wish that for once when Ameera puts on her little poor pathetic sad face and leaves the room that Noah would not follow her. SO not buying her routine. How about following Luke when you get into an argument. Also, good heavens… what a creepy conversation between Winston and Ameera. She is up to something. At this rate I think she’s co-conspiring with Winston either by force or willingly. I only question it because of the disturbing as hell line delivered by Winston “are you still my girl?,” then there was that little bit about Ameera not trying to be disrespectful, so I’m not sure. I’m still not an overall fan of it, but right now has to be the first time where I’ve actually garnered any pure interest in where this storyline is going next.

I also enjoyed the stuff with Casey and the stolen manuscripts. This is a type of story that in this day and age in soaps in my eyes is long past due to be seen again, instead of just resorting to the umpteenth triangle, quad, or story with an effed-up romantic pairing. It was nice to see some sort of investigation. My only beef is that it lasted two episodes. This is something that if written well enough to continue, could have lasted somewhat longer.

And, seriously, it’s insane how good already I find the show to be when it’s not centered around Katie, Carly (love her but she‘s been on my screen WAY too much in the past year, and the way she‘s been written in that time doesn‘t help matters), Brad, and now Liberty. Then the next day with those characters and the same ol‘ Paul, Sofie, Meg, and Mike business, I swear I had more fun getting cobwebs off my ceiling earlier in the day. What a difference a day makes.

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