Monday, May 26, 2008

ATWT: Coincidence? I think not.

Tuesday, May 20th:

Wow, I have to say that it’s certainly nice to see Noah going out to see Luke instead of the opposite. There HAD to have been something up. And I love you, Noah, but I’m sorry, there is no way in hell that lost letter being in Ameera’s possession is coincidental. There’s just no freakin’ way. And what happened to Noah now becoming suspicious of Ameera? Luke’s still onto Ameera of course, so we finally get a friend of Lucinda’s to investigate.

I freaking loved the kiss on this episode. It’s about time this show really got my heart going and in the end there was some sort of payoff in the end. I don’t even care if they were interrupted this time. I’m just glad their lips actually touched and stayed on each other for more than two seconds. I laughed when Noah got annoyed and was all like “What the hell?”. He’s as pissed off as we are that he can’t get any right now.

Wednesday, May 21st:

So Colonel Nutjob has escaped from jail… oh, Lordy. Ameera’s gone too. Coincidence? I think not. I actually agree with Noah when he says she was taken by the Colonel. Of course she was. I don’t know about kidnapping though. I mean she surely didn’t look that scared when she left with him. I can still see why Luke’s suspicious. They had some sort of secret all this time, and she‘s been going behind her back to talk to Winston. Then we get the “frantic” phone call from Ameera in New York, which really didn’t sound frantic at all to me.

Another kiss in a span of two days. Right when the scene called for it too. I’m still not that psyched about this storyline but I am loving it that they’re kissing again and we can actually SEE it. Please, keep the gay kisses coming!

Friday, May 23rd:

Aww, Noah, don’t you know? If you’re involved, Luke’s involved. I agree with Noah’s sentiment about how he doesn’t want anything else bad happening to Luke, but at the same time he at least could have told him that he was going to New York. And wow, Noah is on the STREET. I know cell phone service can really blow sometimes, but come on, show, you could have at least made that a little more believable. And wow, Coyle is involved in this whole scheme. I should have known the second he started to get suspicious about Noah being in New York.

Okay, now it does look a bit like Ameera’s not necessarily consenting in this completely. Still not a coincidence that they’re working together. Ugh, I know Daniel Hugh-Kelly is doing a good job still, just the sight of him as the Colonel creeps me out. And it may be true after all that the Colonel was nice in Iraq, but his behavior with Noah and just in general in the states negates all of that. And I thought Ameera was supposed to be drugged? Guess that didn’t last long. Either way, she heard at least 95% of that phone conversation between the Col. and Coyle and that probably will come back to bite him in the rear.

Now as for when Luke meets Noah in New York… of course, I love seeing Luke and Noah walk arm in arm, but they were just too happy for me in that scene and that ending really didn’t make that much sense to me.

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