Saturday, January 24, 2009

GSN: Upcoming Things From The Vault

Card Sharks this weekend on GSN will have a couple of episodes that are definitely VCR/DVR/TiVo worthy. One being Mark Goodson’s cameo appearance on Bob Eubanks’ version, at 9:00 am on Saturday. Sunday at 9:30 will be the last episode of the Bill Rafferty version. As much as I love it to death, it has had a really nice healthy run on GSN throughout the past nearly 4 years and could use a bit of a rest. And the following weekend on the 31st it will be replaced with the Jim Perry version. So if you’re in need to see the early episodes from 1978, here’s your opportunity.

As a disco lover, I’m personally really excited about next week on Pyramid at 6 PM. We’ll be seeing a couple of episodes of the Disco Week of the show, featuring Marilyn McCoo, Billy Davis Jr., Freda Payne, and Joni Sledge!

On February 2, we’ll be seeing the ‘70’s version of Let’s Make A Deal again on weekdays after season 1 of the ‘80’s All-New Let’s Make A Deal has finished. I’m disappointed in this because I’ve really gotten into this version and it’s become a favorite in the Deal franchise and I‘d really like to see the second season, especially the finale with appearances by Joanna Gleason and Jay Stewart; but I do like watching the early 1970’s episodes and it’ll be nice to see some of those again.

February 5 marks the showing of the Password Plus episodes with Jack Narz and from The Young and the Restless, Steven Ford. This last aired around Jack Narz's passing, but if you want to see this week again, there is your chance. It’s a really good one!

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