Monday, January 12, 2009

ATWT: Makin' Whoopee

Monday, January 12th:

I can’t believe we’re seeing Noah interact with other people alone yet again. Finally! Including TWO scenes with Lucinda, one with Casey and one with Jade. PLEASE keep this coming. This is one of the things that helped lead to a great reconciliation with true passion.

What’s this? Luke and Noah sex with NO INTERRUPTIONS? Am I dreaming?! As I was seeing it, because of the constant interruptions and delays I would keep saying to myself over and over not to get my hopes up. I was seriously expecting it to get interrupted. Nice to see I was wrong. The hope came back when I saw Noah lock the door. I seriously thought I was going to have a heart attack as it was playing out. And I honestly didn’t know what to say for at least two hours after I watched it. We didn’t see them in bed; there could have been more shown but there was more than I was expecting. But by the end they were shirtless, just coming out of the shower. All wet. Implied that they both took said shower together. And there were kisses. Many of them. I lost count. I’m sorry, where was I? Oh, yeah. Luke Snyder is no longer a virgin. There’s a sentence I’d never thought I’d type.

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