Monday, January 12, 2009

ATWT: Locked Out

Thursday, January 8th:

What’s this? Noah having scenes with someone else besides Luke? And not only that, but we actually get to hear HIS side of the break-up for once? Something I’ve waited for practically this whole freakin’ storyline? Oh my God! Seriously, what show am I watching?

It’s about time that Noah called Luke out on his crap. Comparing him to Winston is just seriously childish and immature. Especially considering at one point Luke made sure to point out that Noah is NOT like his father. When people who knew Winston think of him, they think “ultra-conservative, homophobic murderer.” I can see why he’d be hurt. Even though I still think that it’s completely foolish for Luke to be jealous of Maddie, it’s nice to have both guys talk their feelings out, even though if things don’t end up all rosy at the end. Also how adorable are Alison and Casey? Locking them out and then giggling like kids at their success to get them on the roof. They are such Nuke fans! I don’t think I’ll like them as a couple but it’s so nice that they are apart of Luke and Noah’s orbit.

Lucinda is understandably upset with Luke. As much as I want them to be in the happy grandmother/grandson bonding place again, I can see and empathize with her pain. And I’m sure it won’t last.

The stuff seen on today’s episode I really enjoyed. And it’s been the first time in a while where I’ve had interest in the whole episode, not just the Luke and Noah portions. Things like Craig showing up everywhere and Alison and Casey locking Luke and Noah out on the roof to talk about their differences are examples of the little things that make soap watching fun. Things shouldn’t be too rushed. There are supposed to be days where nothing much will happen like today. It’s not supposed to be ALL DRAMAZ ALL DE TIMEZ!!!1. You need a combination of both the little elements and the big elements to make the show really work all the time.

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