Tuesday, June 10, 2008

ATWT: What in the eff?

Good Lord.... sometimes I ask myself why I am so invested in these characters. Today is definitely one of those days.

Thursday May 29th:

Well it looks like Ameera finally realized what was going on and got the hell up out of there. I was surprised to see that happen since with this show these days, most of the women sadly do not use their brains enough, not to mention they don't handle themselves well at all. And it's even sadder considering this show's head writer is a woman. It was interesting seeing Luke get a tiny bit jealous talking to the Naked Sailor guy. Then we have Noah meeting Colonel Whackjob. "I'm taking Ameera." Um, why? And then we have him punching Noah in the stomach after referring to Luke as his "fairy friend." Jerkass. And his classic death threat to Luke and Noah at the end. Wow, you just gotta love this guy.

Tuesday June 2nd:

I really don't get Noah's reasoning on this episode. Now anytime before all this would have ever happened, Noah would call the cops in a heartbeat if he thought for a second that his dad would harm anyone. Now he DOESN'T want to reach the cops? And Luke, so true -- Daddie is so far past over the edge it's not even funny. Yeah, and I had some not nice words for Livia when she knocked Luke out. It looks like they're both involved in this setup too. And what does Colonel Lunatic want with Ameera? I don't get that either, still.

Thursday June 5th:

One thing that was nice in all this episode was that Luke and Lucinda were working together. It was nice seeing Luke getting tough with the real Coyle when it came to finding Noah.

Noah today... Oh. My. God. The "she's my wife" comment again? Noah seemingly not even giving the slightest damn about Luke after what he went through, and how Luke pulled out all the stops to make sure he was safe? We all know the Colonel will do anything he can to stop anyone who goes in his way, and with that gut-punch Colonel Nutjob delivered to Noah, he doesn't care if his son's life is sacrificed? Noah saying that Luke didn't know what it was like to go through hell? HELL-O! Luke was paralyzed because of your maniacal father, Noah! Noah was also all about not forgiving his father for anything. Did that all just fly out the window when this charade of a storyline was written?! COME ON, writers! What in the hell was all that about?!

I want obstacles and drama for this couple, that is not the issue here. It's the fact that the obstacles and drama in this storyline don't make any freakin' sense. And then there's the fact that when the storyline picks up in any way, we have to wait at least two to four days or even more for it to continue. Congratulations, ATWT, you just keep giving me more and more reasons to hate plot driven storylines on soaps.

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