Friday, June 13, 2008

ATWT: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Tuesday, June 10th:

Where was Holden and "Lily"'s concern for Luke when Holden was horseback riding with Carly and "Lily" was trying to fire up the grill with Carly? Luke and Noah were gone for at least two weeks, and any wondering about their whereabouts doesn't happen until after they come back. And I love how Lucinda was blamed for some of this. Seriously, writers, how hard would it have been to throw in a few lines about Luke?

While I can kinda understand how Noah feels, constantly playing the "what if" card with his "dead" father (I'll bet money Daddie'll somehow turn back up alive eventually) is just gonna drive him up the wall. Though I was glad to hear Noah admitting that the marriage was a sham. But still, this wife crap has got to stop. I was also glad to hear by the end of the show that he wasn't just blaming Luke for everything, and we did get an "I love you" from Noah, even though he was being a jerk at the beginning of the show. Though Luke at some points still came off as a bit too needy to me. I was really impressed with the acting by Van and Jake. They did a great job.

I was really hoping we'd see more of Noah post-break-up on this episode. The amount of screen time Janet and Liberty get on this show in comparison, and particularly this episode, is absolutely ridiculous, and Gilmore Girls they are NOT. There could have really been some longer scenes with Luke and Noah. Also, Noah Mayer has been on for just over a year. Janet and Liberty have been on the show for one month tops. There's no reason at all why I should know more about the latter two characters. I also didn't like how for a minute Holden and "Lily" were about to make Luke and Noah's situation all about themselves.

As you probably can tell by my using Lily in quotation marks, I am another fan who has not and probably will never warm up to the cast change. I have nothing against Noelle Beck (in fact, I have no personal grudge with any actor on this show, they just work with what they're given), but recasting Lily Snyder has to be one of the most asinine decisions that has ever been made under Christopher Goutman's reign. It's like recasting Nikki Newman or Erica Kane. Some roles aren't meant for it, not to mention the last Lily recast in the early '90's bombed. Come on, Goutman, get it together.

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