Thursday, April 10, 2008

ATWT: So long, Will and Gwen

Friday, April 4th:

Well it’s surely nice that Will and Paul are leaving under good terms. I can’t believe Paul about two or three weeks ago, thinking it’d be a good idea to arrange Sofie to spend more time with the baby after the stunt she pulled. What was he on?! And you just got to love the gall of her showing up at their farewell party. “I don’t wanna crash your party.” Uh, yeah, you pretty much already did. I don’t know how much I can say that I wish it were Sofie leaving instead of Will and Gwen.

As far as the new living arrangement goes with Noah and Ameera getting the cottage… more plot inconsistency. Last time when Luke, Noah, Casey, and Ameera discussed their current situation, Ameera was the one mentioning how she was the only person in the foursome to NOT get what she wants. Now here, everyone gets what they want… and she agrees. Come on, writers. Though it’ll certainly be nice to see more of Luke and Noah away from the farm.

As far as Will and Gwen go, I’ve mentioned it before. I find the actors portraying them, Jesse Soffer and Jen Landon, to be really good. And while I hate to see them leave, if they’re just going to keep being overexposed and have horrid storylines to boot, I think it’s best for them to take some time off. It’s too bad, because we could have seen so much better last year than changed-for-the-worse Adam Munson and Cleo Babbit. Boy, what a waste of talent.

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