Monday, April 14, 2008

ATWT: Gotta Love The Wacky Hijinks (2)

(splitting this entry in two because it’s longer than I thought it would be)

Friday, April 11th:

Seeing this episode has me convinced even more that the writers on this show have absolutely no clue what character development is. We’ve already gone through this business of testing Noah’s sexuality and Noah giving Luke the cold shoulder when the times get tough. Noah is gay. Period. This is part of my reasoning why, in seeing the past year of this show, that I have come to pretty much hate plot-driven storylines on soaps. The characters either become gullible, lose their intelligence or in some type of form become unlikable and they at times can become difficult to root for. And with Noah the intelligence factor definitely comes to mind. I’ve managed to love Noah in time, but seeing him talk to Ameera about what a real marriage, especially without reiterating the fact that this isn’t even a real marriage to begin with, was just absolutely absurd. There is no need to share a bed between them. And there is also no reason why Noah should be for the most part oblivious to Luke’s feelings by this point. It would have been a much better as long as Noah clarified that this is NOT a real marriage but needed to make sure to know what to do in case the ICE guy stops by. This writing even managed to just about ruin seeing shirtless Noah for me! Writers, you disappointed me even though there was a hot half-naked guy on my screen! Now I KNOW I’m frustrated! I’m glad Noah seemed to apologize after barking at Luke when she showed up, but that stuff at the beginning still got to me. I will probably most likely never enjoy this storyline, but I can think of several ways that it can be presented a little better, one of which is keeping good character development in check.

Now what I DID like is that Holden and Lily were trying to help Luke spend more time with Noah. They know that this charade of a marriage is in name only. Luke’s idea of making the movie sounds good at first but ehh… I don’t think it’ll turn out the way that he thinks it will, at least not in the beginning. And with how Ameera was all happy seeming earlier in the show with Noah, part of me didn’t want to buy that sob story of hers. Part of me is now thinking she might not even be from Iraq at all. She could be part of some scheme by Col. Mayer.

As much as I don’t like Ameera, it’s too bad though. Because I do like the actress Tala Ashe. It’s a classic case of like the actor, but hate, detest, and abhor the character. After the way she’s been acting this week, I have no more sympathy for her. She needs to be deported like yesterday.

Looking at the preview for next week… wow. I’m still feeling a bit more confident about Luke and Noah’s affection changing for the better after Thursday. I’m not on a super high, ecstatic hope, but I think things could get better. But this show seriously is going to be pushing more buttons with the fans if what the preview shows is true… Noah gets to get kissed by Ameera despite the fact that it’s been months since he’s kissed Luke on screen. The thought of it already pisses me off very much. These episodes seem to have been shot during or just after the blitz period, so they should know better.

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