Saturday, July 3, 2010

ATWT: These Writers Baffle Me

Wednesday, June 30th:

Good gravy, Marie!

The writing on this show is like a damn yo-yo which makes enjoyment of this storyline for me extremely difficult. For a little while the writers kept alternating on who broke up with whom, when it was LUKE who broke up with NOAH on March 16th. And now, for the past 2 weeks they've been writing it as if Luke and Reid were already in a relationship... this episode, it's an entirely different story. Now we have Luke saying "I was about to start a relationship" with Reid in his scenes with Bob and Mona. Which is it show? You can't tell it both ways. And there's also the show minimizing Noah's appearances in this storyline. This is supposed to be a TRIANGLE, but most of the time we only get two points of view and it's driving me bananas. If anything, it's more L shaped, with the third line joining in on occasion.

It's a shame, because we've got very talented actors here. And the potential for a good story is there. But the writing is a disappointment.

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