Saturday, July 10, 2010

Online Pick of the Week (7/9): Nick at Nite Promos

I've been going around YouTube and I've found a number of old promos for Nick@Nite. And I see that not only was the programming better back then but even the promos were more imaginative and unique. Reminds me how much fun the network used to be.

I guess what really annoys me these days is that I actually like a show like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, which is one show that's seen a lot of exposure over the past couple years, a lot. I just don't think it belongs on Nick@Nite. Same especially goes for The George Lopez Show. It's like Nick@Nite evolved over time periods with their history of the network. Showing series from the 1950's and 60's, then 70's, and the '80's started, but they seemed to skip over a lot of the 1980's and a number of the 1990's series and just decided to focus on some of the same few shows. Also back then marathons were seen but other shows did get the proper amount of airtime they deserved.

Popular shows deserve airplay but they also shouldn't air everywhere on multiple networks like Fresh Prince does, and there are also plenty of other shows that did reasonably successfully and don't get much airplay anymore that should be on television too.

Nick@Nite, one of the many networks that quality wise for me has gone down ever since Viacom took over. But the good news for classic lovers is that we have DVD releases. In the meantime, it's nice to enjoy a few older promos, like this one:

Here's another batch for Mary Tyler Moore lovers. Bob Newhart fans will like this one.

Old Nick@Nite promos, my online pick of the week!

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