Tuesday, July 27, 2010

ATWT: Where the Hell is Noah Mayer? Version 3.0

Give me a break, writers. You've got to be kidding me. This is sad. It's nothing other but utterly sad to see someone in their early 20's teaching someone who's 30+ years old simple common courtesy and manners.

Oh, and what makes it all the more frustrating, which I've stated many times before: why does Reid act like this in the first place? Honestly, why should I be rooting for this man? Why should I feel sorry for him? What makes Reid tick is something that should have been tapped on a long time ago. Also if in the end it turns out he's being written as an ass just for the sake of being one, well, then that's just going to be utterly disappointing, and yet another opportunity for this to be a decent story completely and totally wasted. It also shows again how little this show cared about character development. If I'm supposed to be supporting this guy by this point, then the writers have done a major disservice, because I'm not.

Such a shame. Because as usual, the actors are fine. It's the dialogue that drives me batty.

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nicolas said...

Hi Brandon,

Couldn't get through to your email so I am contacting you here. I see that you have a collection of vintage beat the clock episodes. My parents were on that show on October 10, 1953 and on October 17, 1953. Is it possible for me to get those episodes from you. Please e mail me at sharondraghi@yahoo.com.